Book Coaching, Developmental Editing, and Line Editing

Book coaching, developmental editing, and line editing are all essential parts of the writing process as are copy editing and proofreading. As a writer, you’ve probably heard all of these terms before, but you may be confused about what they are and when they could be of help to you during your writing process.

Book coaching focuses on what you’re doing during the writing process. Book coaches can help you before you even begin your first draft. They can take a look at your outline and give feedback about the plot line. They also can provide support during your writing process by setting deadlines and giving feedback as you are writing. For a first time author, this help can be the difference between finishing a first draft or tossing an idea to the side out of frustration.

Developmental editors focus on the book as a whole rather than the process. Like book coaches, they can also look at your outline and give advice, but they typically look at the entire draft rather than the draft at every step. When looking at the draft, they give advice on theme, character and plot development, and use of setting. They may also flag and give suggestions on the pacing and help to resolve any plot holes.

Line editors look at the work line by line to ensure that the language is concise and clear to the reader. They may also look for any inconsistencies and make suggestions for resolving these as well.

As a writer, it is important to remember that there is help at all different steps of your writing process. Book coaches, developmental editors, and line editors are invaluable resources that you should take advantage of.

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