Storing Your Writing Ideas

You would think that storing your writing ideas would be easy right? Wrong! That’s because an idea can come to you at any time! In this post, I am going to be sharing some tips for storing your writing ideas before they slip away!

Tip #1 Use the Notes app that’s programmed into your phone or Google Docs

If you’re like me and prefer to write down notes on paper but don’t always have paper and pencil with you when an idea comes to mind, using the Notes app that comes with most phones, or Google Docs, can be really helpful. Personally, I like Google Docs because it’s not too complicated and it automatically backs up whatever I have typed so that I can look at it on any device.

Tip #2 Use popular writing apps

Some of the apps that can be used for writing are Evernote, INKredible, Simplenote, and Scrivener. If you already use these apps for the other steps of your writing process, such as planning and drafting, recording random writing ideas in them would help you to have everything you need for your writing time in one place.

Tip #3 Keep an “Idea Notebook”

This one is my personal favorite. I keep a notebook of potential writing ideas, and I also write down any changes that I would like to make in my book’s draft. I have found that keeping a notebook works best for me when I use it during the time that I have dedicated to writing. It keeps me from getting distracted before I go back to the main draft that I’m working on.

How do you store your writing ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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